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AI, Art Direction, Film/Animation, Graphic Design, Photography/Editing
Here are the images I generated, logos I found online and fun christmas like song i used to create the Marabou ad:

DESIGN: ‘Box of Chocolate’ for Marabou
CLIENT: Private creative project
INFO: Idea/script, AI generation, graphic design, typography, photoshop, layout, copywriting and video/sound editing.

From LinkedIn: 
  • Sara Claeson Dec 28, 2023 Reply

    Men så snyggt Peter 👏😍

    • Peter Dec 28, 2023 Reply

      Vilken knasig kombination skulle du vilja se? Varumärke och produkt? *nyfiken i en strut 😬🤔

  • Anna Tollwé Dec 28, 2023 Reply

    Give me some chocolate! 😋

    • Peter Dec 28, 2023 Reply

      Take my money, for SoMe chocolate! 😋

  • Birgit Fast Dec 28, 2023 Reply

    Alla bitar är inte goda !

    • Peter Dec 28, 2023 Reply

      Sant. Och alltid huggsexa om de godaste! 😅

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